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Gerry Lenfest, A Big Philanthropist, Offers Tips to Fundraisers

Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest have given more than $1-billion to charity over the past 15 years, through personal giving and their Lenfest Foundation.

  • Speak to the potential donor in person, not by phone.

  • Put mission before money. Don’t ask for a gift right away. Talk to the potential donor first about the work of your nonprofit and what it hopes to accomplish.

  • Spend some time getting to know the people you are cultivating. Visit them two or three times before bringing up the possibility of a gift.

  • Listen deeply. Don’t just talk to a potential donor; let him or her talk to you. Learn what interests that person and why.

  • Motivate your board members to contact and solicit key potential donors. If trustees are uncomfortable asking others for money, remind them to keep their eye on the goal of supporting the cause.

To read the full article go to: Lenfests Plan to Donate Fortune

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*From the Chronicle of Philanthropy – Maria Di Mento, June 16, 2014

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