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There has been an increase in nonprofit executive transitions.

Succession planning is of utmost importance for nonprofits to have a smooth transition from one chief executive officer to another. I wrote about this in a blog this spring: Succession Planning

In Transition, a very good article by Stephanie Cory, lists 7 warning signs if you are considering a job offer from an organization:

1. The outgoing executive is involved in the interview or selection process.

2. The board has not created a written transition plan.

3. The outgoing executive does not have a new job or retirement fully planned.

4. The job was the outgoing executive’s life and the core of his or her self-esteem.

5. The current financial statements—both profit and loss statements and balance sheets—are not shared willingly with a finalist for the position.

6. The organization has experienced recent turnover in executive staff positions or board leadership.

7. The incoming executive will be following a “legacy leader.”

These are red flags and as Ms. Cory writes “…turn down the job offer.”

Another blog related to this topic: 12 Questions Job Seekers Should Ask—and Nonprofits Should Be Able to Answer

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