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Sales Success Secrets


Whether you’re working for a nonprofit or a for-profit business, revenue is key. Although many development officers (fundraisers) will scorn at my use of the word sales, anyone generating revenue, whether at a nonprofit or for-profit organization, is a sales person.

In my more than 23 years of success in sales, I have found that there really aren’t any secrets. What’s involved are common sense and common courtesy:

  • Promptly return calls.

  • Answer those emails determined to be legitimate.

  • Follow up, follow up and follow up again.

  • Provide the best customer service possible.

I have read way too many articles about how we’re just too busy these days. Really? Your success in sales is measured by revenue raised. These four keys to success are your top priority. I contend (and have seen personally) that those who say they’re too busy are either disorganized or spend most of their time complaining about being “too busy” or both.

Returning calls and answering emails are common courtesy. I have always promptly replied to all legitimate emails and returned all phone calls.

Customer service after the sale is also very important. It’s much less expensive to keep your current customers year after year. It’s much more expensive to acquire new customers and donors. Your current customers are also your best prospects for an upgrade. Keep them happy and they will buy or donate more and more, year after year.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you rate your interaction with your customers?

  • What type of experience do you create for your customers?

  • Do you have the highest standards of customer service?

  • Do you make your customers feel appreciated?

There are no real secrets to success in sales. It’s about follow up, common courtesy and customer service.

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