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The Black Hole

If you’re following postings on LinkedIn, you likely have read about the “black hole” associated with an online search for work. The Internet was supposed to make it easier for applicants to find jobs and for companies to find qualified applicants. Yet it’s such a mess.

Companies don’t acknowledge receipt of an online application. They don’t even email job applicants a turndown. HR and hiring managers ask up-front for references. (A big no-no and a red flag for applicants…don’t apply.) Job applicants falsely enhance their experience and credentials. These are just some of the problems in today’s online system.

I follow Liz Ryan, Human Workplace and she writes about this all the time.

As a hiring manager seeking applicants what are you to do to find qualified job candidates? Or if you’re a job seeker how do you find jobs or contract work?

  • Companies should treat job candidates with respect. When I was hiring, I acknowledged receipt of a resume, provided information on next steps and informed individuals if they were or were not going to be interviewed by phone or in-person. I notified all finalists by phone once a hiring decision was made.

  • Companies should consider all applicants based on their experience and their credentials. My first two jobs were for organizations who initially didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. HR and hiring managers should take a chance and consider job applicants they don’t know. You may find an ideal employee. I hired several individuals who I didn’t initially know and they turned out to be outstanding employees.

  • Job candidates should be honest and truthful on their resume. Companies should contact references and others the job applicant and company may know in common. Verify the veracity of the job candidates resume.

Most jobs are never advertised. If you are seeking work, contact individuals in your professional network regarding job openings and contract opportunities.

A few years ago the “black hole” became frustrating and I decided to do exactly what I always wanted to do…I became a consultant. By reaching out to my network of professional contacts, some I have known for more than two decades, I have gotten a lot of contract work as a consultant. All of the work I’m doing today was never advertised. Hmm…seems I’m like a lot of people who have given up on the Internet “black hole.”

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