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Principled Leaders


An article entitled Leadership Skills: 8 Principles Every Leader Should Know, by Brian Kight, discusses those principles that a leader at any level should have, including:

  • Great leadership begins with the person, not the position.

  • Great leadership is about your level of influence, not your level of authority.

  • Great leaders are as good at listening as they are at communicating.

  • Great leadership is about wisdom, not intelligence.

  • Before you can lead, you must first learn to follow.

  • Great leaders create stability and drive change.

  • Great leaders use their power by giving it to others.

  • Effective leadership requires courage. Lots of courage.

Principled is defined as: having, based on, or relating to strong beliefs about what is right and wrong

Throughout my career, I have been very fortunate to have had several mentors, supervisors and co-workers who exemplified these leadership principles. A few times, I have worked with individuals who lacked these principles of a great leader which was to the detriment of the organization. Having principled leaders assures success in any organization.

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