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Your Greatest Asset

The title of this blog came from an article that I read in the spring entitled “Protecting Your Greatest Asset” by Bill F. Faucett. While his article focuses on nonprofits and the fundraising profession, it has implications for anyone in any career.

Faucett writes “Each of these words – honor, honesty, integrity – relates to an individual’s adherence to widely accepted principles of ethics and morality.”

Faucett lists six reminders that will keep all of us and our reputations in good stead with donors and customers:

  • Be more than merely honest.

  • Do not omit information.

  • Provide adequate detail.

  • Respect the limits of your relationship.

  • Do not gossip, and do not blame others.

  • Do not be too quick to respond to criticism.

Here a link to the full article: Protecting Your Greatest Asset

I believe that as an individual, an employee or a business owner, our greatest assets are honor, honesty and integrity. As Faucett writes “Your reputation, in the end, will ultimately determine your success…and more importantly, your success as a person.”

An Article from Success Magazine: 9 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Integrity

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