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Giving Thanks

I always emphasize to those organizations who I work for the importance of saying “Thank You.” I encourage them to thank their benefactors every opportunity they can…both verbally and in writing, including thank you notes and letters. A prompt Thank You is the #1 reason that a donor, whether an individual or an organization, continues to give to a nonprofit organization.

Many of you know that this is my fourth year as a consultant. During these four years, I’ve had so much support from many individuals and I want to thank them for their support and their valuable advice.

My spouse, who also is my best friend, has always been there for me. It’s hard to believe that we celebrated our 33rd year together this past July. My spouse has always supported me. Thank You!

To my friends and professional contacts, many who I have known for more than a quarter century, you have been a source of clients, counsel and inspiration. Thank You!

To those organizations I work for, some for several years...Thank You! You are doing magnificent work. I encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about what they do and to make a donation. They include:

Academy for Sciences & Agriculture High School

National Agriculture in the Classroom

Nutrients for Life Canada

Nutrients for Life Foundation USA

Thanks to my professional network, National Agriculture in the Classroom became a new client this year. Thank You!

There also are people who I don’t know personally. Thank You Dr. Travis Bradberry, Lisa Earle McLeod, Bill George, Daniel Goleman, Jeff Haden, Ryan Holmes, Bernard Marr, Arthur Steinmetz and Jeff Weiner for your professional advice through your blogs. I encourage you to follow them on Linked In.

This year has again been truly invigorating for me. Thank you to everyone who has provided me tremendous support in 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and everyone significant in your life.

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