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Donor Stewardship

It’s the chicken or the egg syndrome. An organization must have a strong mission and accompanying programs and services to attract donors. Adequate funding allows a charity to accomplish their mission by delivering successful programs and services for their constituents. There is much debate over whether mission, programs and services are more important or the funding necessary to deliver. Both are important.

This blog will focus on donor stewardship which assures adequate and sustained long-term funding from your donors.

Research has proven time and time again that once a donation is received, a thank you received within one week is important. Thank donors promptly and regularly. Not to mention it is legally required by the IRS for donations of $250 or more. Donors should receive thank you letters acknowledging their support, no matter the amount of their donation.

There's much literature on donor stewardship. Here is a link:

Five Do’s (and Don’ts) of Donor Stewardship

Remember that the cost to acquire every new donor is very expensive. Stewardship will help you to keep your current donors giving to your organization. Treat them well, never assume they will keep giving, promptly and regularly thank them and they will increase their support in the years to come.

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