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Life Rules of Engagement

Merriam-Webster defines Engagement as:

  • an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place

  • something that engages: pledge

  • the act of engaging: the state of being engaged

  • emotional involvement or commitment

In a LinkedIn posting last fall, James Vena wrote these life rules of engagement. They match identically with my beliefs and I wanted to share them with you verbatim:

  • Losers make excuses; Winners make time.

  • Know when to give in, but NEVER give up.

  • Lapses in judgment are human, but there is no such thing as lapses of integrity.

  • Always fight fire with water, never with fire.

  • Be equally passionate about understanding others, as wanting to be understood by others.

  • Know that time may heal all wounds, it kills all deals. Be expeditious.

  • Possess a childlike curiosity to go along with an intellectual humility

  • Express the desire to learn something about everyone you meet.

  • Know what you don’t know,

  • Have high expectations of others, but even higher ones of yourself.

  • Compromise to cooperate, but never at the expense of your principals.

  • Be understated, yet confident.

  • Always be optimistic about the future of others.

  • Demand the highest in quality of character from your partners.

  • Express genuine benevolence, compassion and understanding.

Here’s a link to the full posting by James: "I Can. I Will. End of Story."

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