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This is Our Journey

Albuquerque has been my home for nearly three years and is home to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon event in the world. Annually held in October, there are more than 500 hot air balloons in the fiesta. Daily, my spouse and I see multiple hot air balloon ascensions from our living room window and patio. Recently more than two dozen hot air balloons were in the air at one time.

We revel in hot air balloons because of their grace and beauty. They open our minds. There’s much symbolism associated with hot air balloons including: Travel, Ascension, Freedom of Thought, Traveling to New Heights.

Hot air balloons are messages of ascension, telling us that we should always be open to change and seek new and exciting endeavors. Opportunities are constantly coming our way and we should be open to moving forward and climbing aboard. Dreams flourish and we are regularly asked to consider the changes that are needed for us to flourish.

We should not fear change. Opening our minds allows us to determine the things that we want in our professional and in our personal lives. We strive for higher clarity in life and opening our minds to change is helpful.

We should focus on the positives as this empowers us to go much further than what we’re pursuing at the present. This is our journey.

Hot air balloons are symbolic of the end or completion of a milestone and moving into a new era. We can soar into the future with open minds, have higher clarity and by not fearing change.

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