Agricultural Causes Need More Financial Support

August 27, 2019


Although approximately 19% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, historically less than 1% of charitable donations are directed to agricultural/rural issues and causes.  This has been a consistent statistic for many, many years.


Most donors give based on emotions.  Your donation should not be based only on your passion for a cause.  Make donations using sound business principles, also.  Ask questions: Does the nonprofit have strong leadership? Does the board of directors value the importance of their fiduciary (financial oversight) responsibility? Are they transparent?  Are they accomplishing their mission?


As a consultant to agricultural education nonprofits, I want to be sure that the cost of my services results in a good Return on Investment (ROI).  The ROI formula is:  ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100.  ROI for my clients ranges from 200% to 1200%.  In addition to my company’s efforts, my nonprofit clients are involved in fundraising. A fundraising mindset permeates their organizations.  The executive directors, Board of Directors and the organizations’ staffs understand that they have an important role in fundraising.


I encourage you to visit my nonprofit clients’ websites. Learn more about what they do and make a donation.


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

National Agriculture in the Classroom

New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom

Nutrients for Life Canada

Nutrients for Life Foundation USA

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