Acquiring a New Donor Costs Significantly More Than Retaining a Donor

August 30, 2019

While it is important to acquire new donors for your non-profit organization, it’s also very expensive.  Acquiring a new donor can cost 50% - 100% more than the donation received from them.


I am surprised how many non-profits take their donors for granted or even worse, neglect their donors.  Research has shown that the following actions will keep your current donors giving to your non-profit year-after-year:

  1. Send them a thank you note within 48 hours of receiving their donation. (This is the #1 reason donors keep giving to a non-profit giving year-after year.)

  2. Call the donor and personally thank them for their donation.

  3. Develop a quarterly newsletter that is focused on your donors and shows them the difference they are making for your non-profit.

  4. Provide your donors regular updates through your newsletter, through phone calls and through in-person meetings.  Many donors complain that they only hear from a charity they have supported to ask for another donation.

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