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Hire for Passion

“Passion is the genesis of genius.”


This wonderful quote was written nearly four centuries ago by Galileo. I couldn’t agree with Galileo more. I believe that for a fundraiser to be successful, they must first have a passions for your nonprofit’s cause. Certainly we should seek professional skills in the personnel we hire and provide them training to be successful in our careers.

When I conduct a fundraising training seminar for a nonprofit client and their board of directors, I inform them that the primary keys to establishing a fundraising office and hiring fundraising staff include:

  • Systems in place and fundraising documents developed for use by staff.

  • Hire first for passion when hiring fund development personnel. Certainly they should have skills that are transferable but if they don’t have a passion for your mission, they likely won’t be successful.

  • Support your fund raising personnel. You cannot expect them to be successful if they are not being helped by your staff and your board of directors.

Someone can bring a plethora of skills to the table. They must have a passion for your cause. Hire for passion, not just for experience.

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