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Learn to Like the Most Annoying Person in Your Life - Elizabeth Bernstein Even irritating people usually have redeeming qualities. Here’s how to find them. READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

How Do You Make a Decision When Every Option Looks Bad? - Erika James READ ARTICLE

Temple Grandin Wants All Types of Minds to Contribute to Society - Emily Bobrow The autism advocate believes diagnostic labels shouldn’t stop young people from cultivating their talents READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

What Happened to Our Manners at Work? - Callum Borchers READ ARTICLE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Why More Companies Are Putting Lego Bricks in the Office - Daryl Austin Executives believe bringing in the colorful brick toys helps with creativity, anxiety and communication READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Why We’re Weird about Self-Promotion - Lisa Earle McLeod Being deliberate and proud to present your ideas doesn’t make you slimy; it is a service to the people around you. READ MORE

K-12 Education in the Age of Automation - Alyson Klein READ ARTICLE

The Price We Pay for Being Less Social - Jeffrey A. Hall Simple, everyday conversations are more valuable than they seem on the surface. That gets lost as people turn inward. READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

The Power of Listening - Laysha Ward Seek to understand other people’s stories and lived experiences by listening READ MORE

Why Our Summer Corn Is Ever Sweeter - Bee Wilson New breeds have transformed corn’s traditional flavor and texture, making it more sugary and less creamy READ MORE or click for ARTICLE in PDF

The Fine Print Cost a Widow a $464,000 Tax Deduction Laura Saunders  A large gift went awry when the donor didn’t have ‘magic language’ from the museum she gave it to. For cash donations of $250 or more, the donor needs a statement from the charity giving the amount of the donation and whether the donor received goods or services in return. READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Becoming More Courageous at Work - Denise Hummel Isaacson READ ARTICLE

Ten Tomatoes That Changed the World - Angelina Torre The tomato found its way from Mexico to the Mediterranean, but mistrust of its flavor made it a culinary oddity at first. READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

How to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown - Nathan Furr and Susannah Harmon Furr - Harvard Business Review Uncertainty and possibility are two sides of the same coin. READ MORE

Stay Curious, Stay Successful - Francesca Gino We need to invest in a superpower: curiosity, the drive to find and explore new information and experiences. READ MORE

How Long Email Chains Can Make Us Frustrated and Less Competent - Anne Kadet A new study suggests an extended back and forth can hurt your performance on subsequent tasks READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Garlic’s Long March From Foul to Fabulous - Bee Wilson Once shunned for its pungency, garlic became a staple of American cooking largely thanks to the efforts of a Californian farmer in the 1970s READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

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