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Pause and Say Thank You - Jon Dwoskin “Giving compliments is not a sign of weakness.” READ MORE

Three Ways to Maintain Your Professional Integrity - Syed Balkhi “Remember to do the right thing for your company and your employees because it is the right thing.” READ MORE

In Praise of Today’s Entrepreneurs - Joe Ricketts “Fewer new businesses are starting, but minorities and women are founding more.” READ MORE or Click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Farm bankruptcies at highest since 2011 - Market Watch - READ ARTICLE

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Improve Your Communication Skills and Motivate Your Team - Due in Management "Good communication skills from a manager will bring greater success." READ MORE

If You Can Manage a Waffle House, You Can Manage Anything - Sam Walker “Running a 24-hour budget diner isn’t glamorous, but it forces leaders to serve others with speed, stamina and zero entitlement.” READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

Bosses, Get Out of Your Employees’ Way - Robert I. Sutton “For employees to do their best work, the best bosses know when less management is better management." READ MORE or click for ARTICLE IN PDF

How to Own Your Career, Take Risks and Find Time to Recharge - Michelle Choquette, Bayer US READ ARTICLE

There is Strength in Kindness: Why Kind Leadership Matters - Emily Marsh “A kind leader is a strong leader.” READ MORE

This 60-Second Habit Has Helped Put Me in a Better - Scott Mautz READ ARTICLE

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Shopping Tips for Healthy Eating - Karen Deane Strategies for Smart Grocery Shopping READ MORE

A Message to Business Owners Struggling with What to Charge - Scarlett Darbyshire "Brash negotiating of fees by a potential client is a warning sign of a potentially bad client." READ MORE

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