Organizational Management


• Board Development

• Contract Development

• Employee Incentive & Compensation Plans

• Financial Management

• Human Resources

• Licensing Contracts

• Mission, Vision & Strategic Planning

• Nonprofit Legal Issues

• Nonprofit Start-Up

• Performance Review Systems

• Reorganization

• Succession Planning

• Training & Mentoring

Marketing & Public Relations


• Cause Marketing

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

• Marketing & Communication Plans

• Media Relations

• Public Relations


Fund Development


• Annual Giving

• Development Plans

• Endowments

• Event Planning

• Fundraising

• Grant Writing

• Sponsor/Donor Stewardship

• Workshop Presenter

Hockney's 30 Sunflowers.jpg
30 Sunflowers
David Hockney


"Great job on your Fundraising for Non-Profits presentation!  You hit it out of the park with our folks.  I had several people tell me how much they got out of it, so thank you for working so hard to tailor your presentation to our group.  It worked!"

Lisa Gaskalla

Executive Director

“Randy is a pleasure to work with.  Not only is he a delightful people-person, he's a straight-shooter who always has his eye-on-the-ball."


"Randy is intensely focused and understands the nuances of non-profit organizations.  He has the tact and grace to deal with volunteers and the wisdom to move an organization from complacent to brilliant.  He's organized, punctual, helpful and generous but most-importantly EFFECTIVE!  He would be an asset to any organization, no matter the size, because he understands people make it happen and he knows how to build people.”


Kathryn Carruth

Executive Director


"Having Randy as a consultant is more helpful to my organization than anyone can imagine.  He takes information and always turns it into something fabulous.  Randy does a fantastic job finding funding opportunities."


Becky Meyer

Executive Director/Superintendent


"Randy's passion for what he does is infectious.  Not only does he believe in what he's doing, but he teaches you the importance of the cause in a genuine and trustworthy way.  I worked with him from 2009 to 2014 and found him to be energetic, driven, goal oriented, focused, creative and likable.  Randy is one of those rare people you meet through workplace collaboration that ends up becoming a friend.  He is a tremendous resource as a colleague and would be a significant asset for any organization that includes him on their team."


Laura Evans

Director of Marketing


"Randy is a professional, creative thinker and supreme networker."

Jennifer Messenger

Vice President


"With Randy's knowledge and experience, along with organization and attention to detail, he will be a solid contributor to many worthwhile organizations."

Brian Barksdale