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I Believe That You Need a Plan

A nonprofit development plan provides a roadmap for an organization's financial growth and sustainability. It outlines organizational goals, strategies, and the steps to achieve its financial goals.

Key reasons why a nonprofit development plan is important:

1. Provides Clarity and Direction: A nonprofit fund development plan clarifies the organization's vision and mission, and provides a clear direction for achieving its financial goals. It aligns the fundraising efforts of the board, staff, and volunteers toward a common purpose.

2. Builds Capacity: The fund development plan identifies the resources, including funding, staff, and volunteers needed to achieve the nonprofit’s financial goals. It outlines strategies for building capacity and strengthening the organization's infrastructure, including improving the nonprofit’s systems and processes.

3. Ensures the Nonprofit’s Sustainability: A fund development plan ensures the long-term sustainability of the nonprofit by identifying strategies for generating revenue and diversifying the organization’s funding sources. It helps identify and mitigate risks that could impact the nonprofit’s operations.

4. Facilitates Communication and Collaboration: A nonprofit fund development plan provides a framework for communication and collaboration among board members, staff, donors and other stakeholders. It helps to ensure that everyone is working toward a common set of goals and objectives.

My company created a fund development plan for a nonprofit organization, new fundraising documents for the nonprofit, and I conducted a fundraising training seminar for organization’s board of directors and staff. This resulted in a doubling of the organization’s donations and sponsorships year-over-year.

A nonprofit development plan is a crucial tool for any organization looking to achieve its mission and make a positive impact in the world.


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