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It Takes Just a Simple “Thank You”

A simple thank you to a donor is incredibly valuable for a charity. Here is why:

1. Recognition and Appreciation: A thank you letter recognizes and shows appreciation for the generosity of the donor. It indicates that the charity values their support and is grateful for their contribution.

2. Encourages Future Donations: When donors are appreciated and valued, they are likely to continue supporting the charity in the future. Research shows that a thank you letter is the number one reason someone continues to give year-after-year. A thank you letter strengthens the relationship between the donor and the charity.

3. Builds Trust: A thank you letter builds trust between the donor and the charity. By recognizing their donation and expressing gratitude, the charity demonstrates it is accountable and trustworthy.

4. Positive Impact on Donor Retention: Research has shown that donors who receive a thank you call are more likely to donate again in the future. Donors who receive a thank you call within 48 hours of making a gift are four times more likely to give again than those who do not receive a thank you call.

Thank you letters and calls are powerful gestures that will have a significant impact on donors. It shows appreciation, encourages future donations, builds trust, and improves donor retention.


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